What's the big deal?

Real Inventory Control

Track inventory levels for multiple locations and perform inventory counts with your mobile device. Easily see your inventory value at anytime.


Astro gives you the flexibility to go wherever your customers are, be it at a retail store, trade show floor or customer's door.

Clear, Concise Reports

Quickly see reports for current staff sales, current day totals and end of day totals, just to name a few. No MBA required.

Payment Bliss

Split Payments

Process a split payment with a REAL smile. Nothing to be afraid of here.

Discount Control

Quickly apply discounts to individual line items and or to the entire order.

Professional Merchant Account

Advanced fraud protection against credit card charge backs and other scams along with live, super friendly customer support.

Digging Deeper

Returns & Exchanges

Quickly handle product exchanges and control where the returned inventory should go.

Staff & Till Control

Easily handle login, permissions and till counts for each staff member.

Secure Accessories

Astro works with a wide range of professional hardware. From card swipers to bluetooth barcode scanners, the choice is yours.

We're Merchants Too

Astro was born from a decade of boiling in the commerce lava pits of Comic-Con.

Years of sweat and frustration dealing with poorly designed point of sale software have made us all the wiser to create a solution that will allow merchants to focus on their customers and their kickass products. Astro is built by fellow merchants bent on changing the world of point of sale software. The madness needs to stop and Astro is here to help.

Support from Real Humans

In the rare chance you need help, just call us.

We'll answer the call and help you get to the bottom of whatever the issue might be. No joke.

Tired of Painful Point of Sale Systems?

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