About Astro Payments

We started Astro Payments with one main goal, to create, manage & grow integrated payment partnerships with Business Software companies (ISVs). Most all of the processors that were marketing their solutions to ISVs were being purchased by larger payment companies, so the ISVs were getting lost in the mix with the other existing partnerships. Very few are strictly focused on just providing integrated partnerships to Software companies.

Our management team, with over 75 years of combined payments, fintech and technology experience, working at companies such as Visa USA, First Data Corp, Global Payments, Bluefin Payments, Authorize.Net and USAePay, are ready to launch a program that creates real value for you and your clients.

About Astro Payments

Why we are Different

Astro Payments is uniquely focused on creating partnerships with Software Companies of all types with our state-of-the art technology, security and support. We are committed to assist our Partners in providing comprehensive payment solutions within your business software application, freeing you up to bring in more customers and effectively manage your current ones for continued growth.

We are changing the way you think about adding payments into your business application. In the past, integration was very time consuming and required a long-term development effort. Now with our REST APIs, you can quickly integrate and be up and testing in no time.

Partner & Grow

We believe a partnership goes both ways and its not just about integration and a revenue share. We keep it fun, secure and simple, while providing your clients with comprehensive payment solutions to complete their business needs, freeing them up to bring in more clients and effectively manage their current ones for continued growth.

We work with each partner to develop a custom technical and marketing strategy, so when you are ready to Blast off, all the solutions and marketing plans are in place for a successful long-term partnership.