Dedicated Integration & Technical Support

Dedicated Integration & technical support.

All the during the technical planning, integration & testing phases, we provide dedicated resources to assist on every level, no matter if it's on the phone, on conference calls, thru email or chat, our team is ready to help.

Dedicated Partner Support

Dedicated Partner support

Our dedicated Partner Managers take a consultative approach in providing a suite of marketing programs that help grow partnerships, including customer marketing & merchant conversation campaigns, reconciliation & reporting solutions, partner lead landing pages, sales & support materials, as well as providing on-going recurring revenue.

By working with each partner, we learn about your software, how your clients use it, what are the benefits how you sign new clients, how you communicate with your existing clients and what features are the most important. We then jointly decide on the best integrated solution, the timeframes for Integration, Testing, QA, Beta, General roll out and create a project plan, which would also include all marketing activities

The Partner Managers create custom project plans for each partner, by jointly identifying and tracking the marketing and outreach programs, as well as conversion campaigns. They also hold quarterly business reviews to ensure that the partnership is on target!

Customer support

Customer support

Our Customer service team is ready to assist your clients, no matter the question or issue, 24X7 365 days per year.

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